HP Deskjet 5748 Color Inkjet Printer - Fading occurs near the edges of a photo

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Fading occurs on the edges of a photo

Verify that the photo paper is not curled. If the photo paper is curled, place the paper in a
plastic bag and gently bend it the opposite direction of the curl until the paper lies flat. If
the problem persists, then use photo paper that is not curled.
For instructions about preventing photo paper from curling, see

Storing and handling

photo paper


HP Deskjet 5700 Series


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Fading occurs near the edges of a photo

If fading occurs approximately 25 to 63 mm (1.0 to 2.5 inches) from the edge of a
photo, try the following solutions:

Install a

photo print cartridge

and a tri-color print cartridge in the printer.

Rotate the image 180°.

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